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Jeep Wrangler Starting is at the western end of this area is Bay Rouge. It gets it's name from its pinkish sand, not from red sunsets, as for much of the year, the sun sets behind the hills to the west. There is a bit of parking here and beach bars providing food, drinks, and chairs.

Nettle Bay and Sandy Ground are further east and are home to many car rental agencies because of their proximity to the airport. Lucky/Hibiscus Cars and Alizes Car Rental are in the area. It's also convenient to the many people in the the villas of the lowlands, but most visitors are met at the airport or at their hotel.

There are beaches here, but large residential units and hotels control most of the access. A couple beach bars are open to the public and provide drinks, food, and a few beach chairs.

The Royal Food Market is in Nettle Bay and a bit further in Sandy Ground one finds the French Bridge over the canal into the lagoon. This attracts many boatyards and docks and these people are attracted to US Imports, a supermarket that really has a considerable amount of French produce, including a fine selection of cheese and paté. Next door is Ted, a good bakery with crisp baguettes.

There is a stadium a bit further to the east that hosts soccer and the occasional concert and tennis complex. A bit further is Cadisco, selling the cheapest gasoline on the island from their lagoon location.

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