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All things must come to an end. The success of Mario's Bistro led to a lack of parking, so Mario has moved to Porto Cupecoy just over the border in the lowlands. La Cigale also has many admirers. Looking for great BBQ or Créole food? Stop in at Rocky's, next to the French Bridge.

Sandy Ground Rocky's Ideal Snack and Restaurant Mario's Bistro: Contemporary Dining on the Waterfront Sorry, no website, see the list

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Restaurant Phone Cuisine Location
Rocky's Ideal Snack   BBQ/Créole Sandy Ground
Bay Rouge Beach Bars none Beach Bar Bay Rouge
Bridge 29 63 57 Créole Sandy Ground
La Cigale 87 90 23 French Nettle Bay
Dreams 690 75 91 05 French/Sushi Nettle Bay
Layla's Beach Bar 51 00 93 Beach Bar/Fish
Nettle Bay
Ma Ti Beach 87 01 30 French/Beach Bar Nettle Bay
Mezza Luna 87 98 78 Italian, Fresh pasta Nettle Bay
Ponton 87 74 78 Créole/Fish Sandy Ground
Le Restaurant du Beach Plaza 29 14 09 French/Fish/Buffet Nettle Bay
Santal 87 53 48 French Sandy Ground
Le Sand 690 73 14 38 French Nettle Bay
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